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My neuromovement skills help people strengthen the brain-body connection. Improving physical functioning upgrades the brain. Upgrading the brain improves physical functioning. I use the brain-body relationship to help people overcome their limitation in either direction.
— Andrea Bowers

Neuromovement/ABM is an approach that utilizes movement to help upgrade the functioning of the brain or optimizes brain functioning to improve movement. An upgraded brain will better organize thinking, feeling, emotion and action.

As our command center, the brain organizes how we act and react in the world. Brain plasticity enables development and improvement of brain function in any person. Our brains grow through the process of learning to move our bodies, so it makes sense that movement is the most basic and most concrete way of communicating with the brain. New methods are building on this neuromovement science and opening up new possibilities for adults with injury, neurological trauma or disease, as well as new possibilities for children who have some trauma or birth condition which has limited their initial learning.

How Andrea specializes in Neuromovement
Andrea’s skills help people to develop more nerve connection, body awareness, and sensitivity, and connect from the brain and nervous system to the body and vice versa. She uses gentle movements designed to enhance learning that show her clients where they are missing information about how to move or areas where they have begun to protect or compensate for injury and limitation and are therefore functioning in a less than optimal way. As she works, her clients expand their awareness and ability to feel; experience smoother, more sophisticated movement, and upgrade their brains for better physical, mental, and emotional performance.

People with stroke, paralysis, or injury improve their physical functioning as they reconnect their nervous system and body. People with Autism, ADD, Parkinsons, re-organize their brain as physical movement is refined. Children with cerebral palsy, genetic conditions, brain malformation, or multiple disabilities improve both their brain and phsyical functioning.

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