andrea-bowers-NeuroMovement SpecialistOther professionals comment that they see dramatic improvement after my sessions. It is noted that my NeuroMovement® work enhances childrens learning with everyone else, even other neuromovement professionals. I believe it is because I directly target the brain-body connection which very few teachers do. This is the foundation we need to be robust and healthy.
–Andrea Bowers


SaipanOur son, Ben, is now 22
months and has left-sided hemiplegia from a stroke in utero.  His first series of ABM lessons were taken at the center in San Rafael when he was 16 months of age.  We saw subtle yet powerful changes from that first series.  His posture was improved, he seemed more able to bear weight on his left side, and he was clearly becoming more aware that he had a left side.  Because we saw the potential that this work has to offer our son, we sought out Andrea to come to our remote island community.  I felt hugely fortunate that she was able to travel to us and work with our son.  Andrea has incredible depth of skill and knowledge that not only allowed for meaningful time spent during lessons, but provided us with helpful information for ways we could help our son beyond the series of lessons.   Her gentle and loving demeanor made the lesson time for Ben relaxed and playful.  The changes we’ve seen from her two intensive series of lessons with Ben are greater use of his left side and overall improved ease of movement.  He involves his left arm so much more than he did just a few months ago, we feel inspired and more knowledgeable now as to how to encourage him. We absolutely love the work that she does with Ben and wish we could have greater frequency of lessons with her simply because we can see the changes.  We will continue to pursue ABM, and Andrea is particular, as we work toward helping our son achieve improved awareness and movement. – Jennifer S (teacher)




I have seen Andrea for many years and firmly believe that she is one of the most skilled practitioners in California. She has helped me with issues ranging from injuries to chronic pain related to poor habits and movement patterns. She is very effective at identifying the root of my problem or discomfort and therefore gets results very quickly. She is intuitive, very professional, and very warm. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their physical health and well being. 

– Jamie R. (Attorney)


Anat-Baniel-Method-Feldenkrais-MethodMy son Giovanni contracted Lymes disease when he was a tiny baby. I put him on high doses of anti-biotics and some chinese medicine to get this disease out of his system, but the Lymes disease had left him optical nerve damage, cerebral palsy symptoms, and what western medicine calls brain disease. We met Andrea when Giovanni was eighteen months old. He could only army crawl when we first started. Within two weeks Andrea had him crawling on all fours the correct way. At that time his field of vision was only in the upper area above his forehead. As we worked with Andrea his vision increased to include low and peripheral vision. Andrea explained the importance to his brain for my son to feel his feet on the ground so we got rid of the AFO’s and now his feet are almost completely normal. We are still working on them. As far as the brain damage, Giovanni is a little behind for his age but catching up very rapidly. Andrea, having a special needs son herself, is so full of information and understands up close and personal just how good this work is for our children. She saved my son.

-Cheryl D. (Mother)


NeuroMovement-therapy-testimonialsI have cerebral palsy and Andrea has been crucial in helping me to maintain function and gain new skills. She is amazing at working with me to get the results I want and often has creative solutions that involve seating or adaptive technology. She is experienced at working with many different types of disabilities and I would recommend her to anyone looking for improvement.

– Don R. (University student)


Movement and Learning Specialist ~ Anat Baniel Method®, Feldenkrais Method®, Reflex