Schedule A Series

Below is my schedule for 2017.   To reserve space for one of these dates please email or call for more details.

I work in series of 6 lessons.  Families have found that my lessons are very dense – a lot of information condensed in each day – and often fewer lessons are needed to achieve the full “story” of the series. I recommend no fewer than 6 lessons unless you are just doing a “sample” of the work to find out if it might be valuable for your child.

If you would like more days in a series than I have listed here please let me know and we will work it out.

If you wish to submit a request for another location email me the requested location and dates and we will have a conversation about the possibilities.

These dates and locations are subject to change and some dates fill quickly.  If you wish to guarantee that you will have specific dates please contact me soon to reserve.

Best wishes, Andrea

2017 Schedule:

Note: These dates may be subject to change.  Please check directly wth Andrea Bowers to confirm for scheduling.  If you wish to have a longer series a Thursday or Monday may be added.  Other scheduling requests will be considered.

Thanks, Andrea



Oct 13, 14, 15
Oct 27, 28, 29
Nov 10, 11, 12
Nov 24, 25, 26
Dec 8, 9, 10
Dec 15, 16, 17
Dec 30, 31, Jan 1
Oct 3, 4, 5
Oct 16, 17, 18
Oct 20, 21, 22
Sept 22, 23, 24
Nov 3, 4, 5

Movement and Learning Specialist ~ Anat Baniel Method®, Feldenkrais Method®, Reflex