Scheduling Details

To schedule a series with me email me at:   or call 408-750-4302.

What to expect during lessons

RECOMMENDATION Plan to begin with a series of lessons twice a day for 3 days. I work long weekends for your families’ convenience traveling for lessons. Optimally your child will have a 45min to 1 hour break between lessons each day when he/she should eat and relax.

WHAT TO BRING Clothing your child can move freely in. Toys, bottle, food that will help your child feel comfortable during the lessons. If your child needs to nurse or falls asleep I will use the opportunity to do some very fine detail work. Bring a video camera if you wish to record my suggestions or parts of the lesson to share with others. Plan to take notes about home activities.

PARENT/FAMILY LESSONS I do not usually have extra times available during the series.  If you wish to have siblings or parents receive lessons I recommend you book in advance.  It is a great idea so don’t hesitate if you think it could help.  The whole family has success together so it’s important that everyone get what they need.

TWIN or SIBLING LESSONS Often one twin has more movement issues, but usually both twins would benefit from lessons.  When I am seeing two children in the same family I will work for 1.5 hrs alternating between the children either at 30 minute intervals or as needed.

ADDITIONAL CONSULTATION TIME If you would like extra time to discuss home actitvites, equipment, or school issues please plan to shedule additional time. Bring equipment such as wheelchairs or braces you wish me to evaluate. If you wish to have suggestions for goals on an upcoming IEP I can have that discussion near the end of your series after I am familiar with your child.

OBSERVERS Adult family members and caregivers are always welcome. If therapists or medical professionals observe your childs lesson be aware that my attention will be divided and your childs lesson will include demonstration and explanation. I am happy to do this if you feel it will be helpful in coordinating your team of providers for your child.

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Availability: Please call to inquire about scheduling lessons. 408-750-4302.

Can YOU Cancel?  A Series must be cancelled 4 weeks in advance. If your child is not able to be present for a scheduled lesson in a series you may substitute a family member or someone else in that appointment.  I am not able to postpone unused lessons to a later series.

What if I have to cancel?

Pre-paid lessons will be refunded if I am not able to complete the trip for any reason.  Please make sure to read the cancellation/refund policy included with your invoice at time of payment.