Location: Bellingham or Seattle, WA

Bellingham, WA – Fairhaven District

I began seeing clients in Bellingham when it became difficult for me to continue to work in Canada. Bellingham was very close to the Canadian border and my clients said it was very doable for them to travel south. I have been working out of the Fairhaven Village Inn for many years and now recently from a VRBO a few blocks away. 

Fairhaven is one of my favorite places. I have always said I would move here if I didn’t have connections to the SF Bay Area in my children and grand children.

People are friendly. Weather is mild. Fairhaven itself has wonderful cafes, restaurants, and shops. You can walk to the Chrysalis Inn for fine dining, or go even further on a very nice coastal path alongside the bay. Bellingham Ferry dock is right down the street and they have daytime and evening tours of the bay including wine tasting, beer tasting, orca sighting, eagle watching, etc.

Nearby are lakes, downtown Bellingham, art galleries, and other events. In summer they have movies projected onto the wall in the Fairhaven town square and children are watching from blankets on the grass. If you eat in Colophon Cafe you will hear groups talking about hiking, families enjoying time together, and book groups debating. Upstairs in the 3 story bookstore musicians are in the cafe practicing for their next gig. 

Bellingham Ferry Terminal

Chuckanut Bay Gallery and Sculpture Garden

Helpful Links:

Fairhaven Village Inn

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Seattle, WA

I have been working in Seattle for a few years. This location is scheduled when requested. I need 2 to 3 families to schedule a 4 day series. I will book into a suite in a hotel near you and work from the living area. I will need a table because I don’t travel with one, but I can make arrangements locally. I will also have my laser with me for reflex integration (QRI).

Please contact me at 408-750-4302 or Andrea@andreaLBowers.com to schedule.