Brain Gut – Gut Brain connection update

Metabolic pathways
Metabolic pathways

I have been continuing to research how we can use Gut Brain connection information to help our children and ourselves.  It’s an ongoing project because of the complexity, but, here’s an update.

I highly recommend for the nutrigenomic testing.  I have had blood testing done through my doctor.  These blood tests were done at my local lab and based on the information UCDavis developed.  I followed with the 23andMe saliva testing.  The results are identical for me.  Everyone I have talked to is very happy with the saliva test results and many doctors are agreeing.  Blood tests are more expensive and more difficult for children to do.

23andMe has a great system.  You go online to 23andMe to order your kit (s).  There is a special that you get the first kit for $100 and additional kits for $75.  They arrive and you go back online to register each kit’s number.  Open them – supply 1/2 teaspoon of saliva – then recap and replace tube back into the box.  It’s set to go.  Return postage and address are already on the box.  All you do is drop it in a mailbox.  One week later they email you that they have received it and about 4 weeks after that all results are online on your own private home page on their site.

The information that might make the most difference right away is in the two genes that influence the MTHFR enzyme production.  Elinor Silverstein and I have written in previous articles about how significant the Methyl enzyme is for so many systems in the body.  Critical for neurology and movement are the detox systems and the B vitamin conversion systems.  Once you know if your results show any potential for methyl deficiency you can determine the next steps to take to make sure all systems are functioning optimally.

Andrea methylRaw data from 23andMe can be downloaded and put into for free or a voluntary donation.  They produce a great graph that makes it very clear which genes have +/+, +/- etc.  The red are double mutations, the yellow are single (one part of the pair is a plus) and the green are good to go – both minus (-/-).  

Originally, I recommended going onto the B Vitamins which were already methylated – they are ready to move right into the cells.  There are some gene situations which would cause the initial boost from methyl b vitamins to be less effective in the long term.  These situations influence the health of the gut and some other parts of the metabolic cycles.  I’m studying up on those issues and will report here once I have a good understanding of what they are and what action can be taken.

If you wish to research for yourself – my resources are:,